Director Hannes Holm Marks Return To TV After 16 Years

Director Hannes Holm, whose movie A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove) recently picked up three Guldbagge awards and has sold 1.5 million tickets so far, is hoping to transfer his success to the small screen with Dehli’s Most Beautiful Hands (Dehlis vackraste händer).

The three part series, recorded in Malmo and New Delhi, is based on Mikael Bergstrand’s novel of the same name and centres on author Göran Borg, played by Bjorn Kjellman. He is preoccupied by his ex-wife who left him eight years ago, his career has stalled, his hairline is receding and his trousers are getting tight. But, after being ripped off on a trip to India, Göran finds love and his life changes direction.

“This is the first TV series in 16 years for me and it’s very fun to do television again. It’s a different way of working… Television can be much more playful,” says Hannes Holm in an interview with SVT.

“Working on a feature film is more exclusive because you have to make people want to get up off the couch and out of the house to go buy a ticket at the cinema. In television, it is possible to be more inclusive. You dare to do things simply.”

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Dehli’s Most Beautiful Hands will premiere on SVT late in 2016.