Ditte & Louise Adventures Continue At The Cinema

Danish comedy duo Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz will return with a feature film based on the universe and characters from their hit DR1 television series, Ditte & Louise, where they play fictionalised versions of themselves.

Ditte and Louise play two middle-aged actresses who realise that the industry now only offers them roles as mothers or old hags. Ditte has had enough, so she decides to dress up like a man and call herself Ditlev… and the world is turned on its head!

Ditlev starts to get the leading roles, is showered with attention, and becomes best friends with Anders W. Berthelsen. However, Ditte fails her best friend Louise with whom she had shared a dream of setting up their own company.

In frustration, Louise throws herself headlong into an affair with doctor David, but the bills continue to mount and problems ensue. Soon, Ditte and Louise are at risk of losing it all: love, career and friendship.

Ditte & Louise is written by Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz, and directed by Niclas Bendixen. It begins filming on January 22nd 2018 with a budget of 17 million kroner, and is slated to premiere on 30th August this year.