Ditte & Louise Shine Spotlight On Chorus Girls

TV2 Danmark has announced Chorus Girls (Dansegarderoben), written and directed by Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz, a behind the scenes period drama set in the 1970s about the show girls of Cirkusrevyen in Copenhagen.

The year is 1975. On stage in Denmark’s largest revue, is the popular and beloved actor Preben Kaas. Eight, bikini-clad girls known as Kaas-kræs are dancing behind him. They have been hired to be the smiling, sexy showgirls in this year’s revue. They are the lucky ones who succeeded in landing their dream job at Cirkusrevyen.

Chorus Girls is about these eight women who are brought together at a workplace where where fun and games go hand in hand with anxiety and competition. It is a story about community, finding strength in togetherness and the courage to effect change at a time when some women burned their bras and demanded equal pay while others danced on a stage in bikinis.

The cast includes Marie Bach Hansen, Mille Lehfeldt, Olivia Joof Lewerissa, Marie Reuther, Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Nanna Finding Koppel, Coco Hjardemaal and Rebecca Rønde Kiilerich as the star dancers alongside Anders W. Berthelsen, Jakob Oftebro, Esben Dalgaard, Louise Mieritz, Ditte Hansen, Annika Aakjær, Helle Dolleris and Andreas Bo.

Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz said: “With the MeToo movement, we have learned that there is still a culture of silence that needs to be dealt with. Women still need to share their stories and be believed in to find the strength for change… It is not something we solve in one day because sexism is deeply rooted in our culture and history. Therefore, it is important that we talk about it, make stories about it and not be silent ever again.”

Chorus Girls is slated to premiere on TV2 Danmark in 2023.