Does Beck’s Last Day Mark The End Of The Franchise?

This weekend saw the premiere of Beck: The Last Day, the last of eight new Beck films to premiere exclusively on C More. But after more than twenty years and 34 films is that the end for Martin Beck?

In an interview published in Expressen, Bo Thörnwall, Programme Manager at C More, referred questions regarding the continuation of Beck to the series producer, Tomas Michaelsson of Filmlance:

Have you planned a continuation of the Beck series?

“We have not closed any doors for Beck. We think this is fun and we would like to do more. There is constant planning for what the continuation could look like, so I cannot say ‘no, we have no plans,’ but a decision has not been made.”

But if Peter Haber decides not to make more films?

“One can say this: with the open end we don’t know exactly what Beck does. So how Martin Beck comes back, or in what capacity, is left open and we will see how it goes. But a film series, without Martin Beck, I don’t think so.”

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