Dreaming Of Denmark Wins Amnesty International Award

Michael Graversen’s documentary Dreaming Of Denmark (Drømmen Om Danmark) was handed the Amnesty International Award at the 2016 Giffoni Film Festival on Sunday for its portrayal of an illegal immigrant after being refused asylum in Denmark.

Wasiullah moved to Denmark when he was 15 – arriving alone from Afghanistan. Although he has nightmares of his uncle trying to kill him he finds safety and friends in Denmark. But his application for asylum is rejected.

When he turns 18, Wasiullah disappears from the asylum centre as he is about to be sent back to Afghanistan. Living illegally in Copenhagen he decides to leave for Italy hoping to obtain a residence permit that will allow him to return to Denmark, which he considers his home.

In their deliberation, the jury said that the award was being given “for the director’s capacity and discretion of telling a story that makes us aware of the difficulties of being an asylum seeker in today’s Europe.”

“For choosing to tell a true story where it is easy to identify oneself with the protagonist and share his emotions. We dedicate this prize to Wasiullah, the protagonist of the film, hoping that his life dreams will someday be fulfilled.”