Elisa Viihde Promises Summer Of Sorrow

Finnish premium streaming service Elisa Viihde has announced Summer Of Sorrow (Munkkivuori), a ten-part revenge thriller set in the early 1980s told from the perspective of children.

Summer Of Sorrow, created by Jani Volanen, begins with the disappearance of a young child from the idyllic Finnish suburb of Munkkivuori, where concerned parents frustrated by the lack of support from the police take justice into their own hands and launch a desperate man hunt.

However, while summer friendships and adventures continue for the local children, they are aware of everything going on around them and, despite attempts to protect them from this tragedy, a hidden secret from the past emerges once more.

Ani Korpela, Head of Content for Elisa Viihde, said: “This intriguing and gripping tale of revenge will deliver a compelling thriller with strong appeal for our audiences. Summer of Sorrow is a wonderful addition to our drama slate that has found audiences both in Finland and internationally.”

Summer Of Sorrow, directed by Jani Volanen, begins principal photography this May and is set to premiere on Elisa Viihde in Autumn 2021.