Emmy Nomination For Trafficking Documentary

DR1 documentary Menneskesmuglerne (Traffickers), by Poul-Erik Heilbuth and Georg Larsen, has been nominated for the International News and Current Affairs Emmy at the 39th News & Documentary Emmy Awards in October.

In this groundbreaking piece co-produced by Germany’s ZDF, human traffickers talk openly for the first time in front of cameras about their business, their motives and the challenges they face in evading the authorities.

Poul-Erik Heilbuth said: “I am particularly pleased because it is such an important and controversial issue. I hope this nomination will help increase the focus on what is happening in the Mediterranean and enable the programme to ‘travel’ to even more countries than it has already done.”

Also nominated are Deeyah Khan’s US neo-Nazi exposé White Right, Children of Maria da Penha about the children of victims of domestic violence in Brazil, and Turkish refugee story Off the Grid.

IATAS President, Bruce Paisner, notes: “Historically we congratulate our nominees for their persistence and bravery in covering stories, and now we realize we also have to congratulate them for standing up to governments who would severely restrict what they report or put them out of business entirely.”

“You only have to look at the list of nominees to see all the problems in the world and how badly we need broadcast journalists to uncover misbehavior and raise awareness.”

The 39th News & Documentary Emmy Awards will be presented on 1st October during a gala ceremony at the Lincoln Center in New York City.