2016 | minutes | Drama, Romance
3.2 out of 5 stars

Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg
Written by: Thorvald Lervad, Jesper Wung-Sung (novel)
Stars: Nikolaj Groth, Clara Rosager, Lukas Løkken, Laura Bach

En-To-Tre-Nu! is an adaptation of Jesper Wung-Sung’s bestseller of the same name from 2001 about the first real, but also impossible love.

Jeppe is 17 years old and Cecilie is 16 years old and they are in the honeymoon period of their relationship, but both know that their love is on borrowed time since Cecilie has cancer.

They know that they must enjoy every second, maybe it will be their last summer together. But what they feel for each other, if possible, is made even stronger by death, as a shadow breathes down their necks.

Death is against their blossoming feelings. But to live is to dare to die so the young couple take chances with their lives and challenge fate with both humour and sadness. They will live here and now.