Eurodance Documentary Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Finnish director Petri Luukkainen has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his documentary Never-ending Dream about Eurodance. 20 years after the phenomenon began the old hitmakers are back on tour, and this film will be the story of Eurodance’s second coming.

Luukkainen says: “I grew up listening to Eurodance in a small town in Finland in the 90’s. My first big experiences are very much related to music; first house party, first kiss, first kids disco.”

“Back then the one thing that got everybody excited was the school disco. I still remember how the boys would stand on one side of the room and the girls on the other side. All of this happened with the beat of 90’s Eurodance in the background.”

“Now, 20 years later, a friend of mine put on some 90’s Eurodance at a party, and it just blew my mind. It was honestly one of the strongest art experiences that I have ever encountered. That’s when I decided to make this film.”

“Never-ending Dream explores the surroundings of the 90’s comeback. The film shows us the people in the middle of it; fans, parties and stars. There will be real stories, special effects and of course a lot of music.”

Artists like Haddaway, Dr Alban and Captain Jack are already involved in the project, and the aim of the campaign is to raise 100,000 Euro. The campaign began on February 10th at Indiegogo and will last for four weeks.

Never-ending Dream will premiere in 2017. Contributions can be made at Rewards include a tweet from Dr. Alban, a Co-Producer credit and a private gig with Rednex.