Everything I Don’t Remember | Allt jag inte minns – Season 1

Gunilla is at home in Sweden to bury her son Samuel. When the police suggest that it may have been suicide, and Samuel’s two closest friends are absent from the funeral, Gunilla decides to find out more. But when she visits Vandad in prison and finally gets hold of Laide, it becomes clear that there are two versions of the truth.

Gunilla finds a key with Laide’s name that leads to Samuel’s grandmother’s house. She goes there and finds the house has burnt down. She confronts Laide and demands answers. What did they do in the house? The answer will not be what she expected. Meanwhile, Vandad talks about life with Samuel and how he too became involved in the chaotic events in the house.

Gunilla continues her search for answers about Samuel’s last moments on Earth. Vandad and Laide talk about the series of fateful events and betrayals that led to the end. But will Gunilla get an answer as to why Samuel was taken so prematurely from her?