Evin Ahmad & Marie Reuther Shooting Stars

Evin Ahmad (Sweden) and Marie Reuther (Denmark) and have been selected to feature in European Film Promotion’s Shooting Stars 2022, an annual showcase for ten young and promising European actors which this year will take the form of a four-day hybrid programme ahead of the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival (10 – 20 February).

This year’s programme provides the talent with a platform to meet journalists, casting directors, producers and filmmakers both online and on-site, to develop the social network needed for an international career and culminates in an awards ceremony at the Berlinale Palast on Monday 14th February.

Evin Ahmad was selected in recognition of her starring role in Netflix original Snabba Cash, adapted from Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Noir trilogy. The jury said: “Smoothly integrating many sides of the same coin, she exudes strength, resilience, vulnerability, as well as a self-aware sense of humor. Her charm is natural and unpretentious, while her glamour and playfulness contribute to her potentially dangerous beauty. We see a very bright future ahead.”

Meanwhile, Marie Reuther was chosen for her debut lead in HBO Danish original Kamikaze for which she was awarded Best Actress at Series Mania last year. The jury said: “She is extremely compelling in her portrayal of a character undergoing a remarkable transformation, from desperation to rebirth, without sacrificing her distinctive elegance and dignity. Her face can express a wealth of emotion in a nuanced and versatile way… a shooting star in every way.”

Previous Shooting Stars include: Iben Hjejle (1999), Daniel Craig (2000), Daniel Brühl (2003), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (2003), Carey Mulligan (2009), Alicia Vikander (2010), Esben Smed (2017), Alba August (2018), Elliott Crosset Hove (2019), Victoria Carmen Sonne (2020) and Gustav Lindh (2021).