Eyewitness Anneke Eyes International Emmy

Norwegian actress Anneke von der Lippe has been nominated for an International Emmy Award for her role as Sheriff Helen Sikkeland in the TV series Eyewitness (Øyevitne) produced by NRK Drama. It is the only Scandinavian TV drama vying for an Emmy this year, which takes place in New York on November 23.

Von der Lippe became the first Norwegian actress to be nominated for an International Emmy in 2005 for her part as Health Minister in NRK’s political thriller Ved Kongens Bord, but lost out to He Lin from China for Slave Mother. This time she faces stiff competition from Fernanda Montenegro of Brazil, and the British actress Sheridan Smith who is nominated for her role as the singer and entertainer Cilla Black.

Anneke Von der Lippe is a graduate from the National Academy of Theatre and is known for a variety of roles across stage, film and television. Her film debut was in Leidulv Risan’s “The Warrior’s Heart” in 1992 when she won both the Amanda Award and the Film Critics Award. Recent works include “The Invisible” and “House of Fools”.

Eyewitness is a six part thriller written and directed by Jarl Emsell Larsen, and is currently available on DVD in the UK. It tells the story of two 15 year old boys who secretly meet up in the forest, only to witness a blood bath. They are seen, but escape and vow to keep what they have seen a secret, out of fear of retribution and fear that their own secret might be revealed.