Eyewitness | Øyevitne – Season 1


At a secret meeting inside a deserted wooded area, two young boys witness a grotesque massacre. The boys are almost killed, but come away with the murder weapon. They hide the weapon and agree to keep what they have seen a secret. The next day one of the boys’ foster mother, Sheriff Helen Sikkeland, is called to investigate the murders of four members of the MC Ferrymen.

A young girl, Zana, is locked up in an apartment building and Helen Sikkeland sees a possible connection to the killings in Mysen. Undercover cop Camilla is fighting to keep her sister Siri away from the motorcycle club, for fear that the informant Christer’s duplicity will be revealed.

While Zana remains held by the killer in Denmark, Helen calls off the search as the trail goes cold. Camilla’s credibility is at stake after she is arrested for a storage room full of drugs, and the credibility of the police is also at stake as violent incidents put innocent lives at risk. Anxiety and sleepless nights threaten the eyewitness’ self-imposed pledge of secrecy.

Henning feels betrayed by Philip, who in an attempt to save him, declares him insane. Meanwhile Henning moves closer to the edge. The new crime boss, Ronny Berg Larsen, gets to grips with gang in Oslo, and charms Helen.

Helen is near a breakthrough after Henning’s eyewitness account and is concerned that his identity should be protected. She is responsible for his safety, and does not trust anyone – except Ronny Berg Larsen. Meanwhile, Camilla is in love.

Henning’s life hangs in the balance, while Camilla seeks comfort “by accident” from her new boyfriend, unaware of his role in things. Helen checks out the perpetrator’s DNA, but there are no hits in the database. However, if an eyewitness could identify him…