Face To Face | Forhøret – Season 1


Police officer Bjørn is called in to the morgue identify the body of a woman and is horrified to find that it is his own daughter. However, when the autopsy rules her death to be suicide, he refuses to believe it.

Bjorn follows the clues to a luxury apartment where he meets a foreign woman who turns out to be his daughter’s wife. He then discovers that his daughter led a life punctuated by crime, prostitution and the dark web.

Bjorn visits a brothel to find the prostitute who introduced his daughter to the lifestyle that led her into a world of parties, drugs, sex and fast cash.

After a meeting with a notorious club owner, Bjørn must come to terms with the fact that his daughter was not the innocent girl he remembers, that she was not a victim, but the manager of a blackmarket drug business on the dark web.

The evidence leads to Bjorn’s former partner, a corrupt police officer. But Bjørn knows that he met his daughter on the night she died, and tries to separates the lies from the truth in the hope of finding a crucial clue.

Bjørn interrogates his main suspect only to realise that this man meant more to his daughter than Bjørn could have imagined, and that he himself is not without blame for her death. Indeed, it was his absence and neglect that led to her wild lifestyle, depression and crime.

Bjorn realises that his daughter must have taken her own life after all. Vulnerable and grieving, he and his ex-wife say a final farewell to their child, but as they stand by the coffin, Bjørn sees something that changes everything.

Bjørn confronts the pathologist who is convinced that he has gone crazy and calls for help. They try to persuade Bjørn to seek psychiatric help, but now that he connected the dots, it is clear to Bjørn that his daughter did not kill herself and now he just wants revenge.