Face To Face | Forhøret – Season 2


After her daughter’s suicide, psychologist Susanne withdraws in mourning for weeks. Then John arrives at her door asking for help to stop smoking, only to make a terrible confession while under hypnosis.

Susanne seeks out Police Commissioner Richard, her husband’s superior and friend, to tell him about the mysterious patient. But Richard has no knowledge of either the man or any cases of murdered young women.

Susanne meets Officer Louise, who turns out to be a former client whom she helped after a rape, and she admits that there was a testimony of a woman’s murder. The witness worked in a club to which Susanne’s ex-husband was connected.

Using a pretext, Susanne succeeds in questioning her ex-husband Björn, who is in prison for murdering Frank (thought to be their daughter’s killer). Björn gives her the name of the club and advises her to seek help.

Susanne finds the witness Sapphire in the strip club and and discovers that she knows the suspected killer John. She also learns that Sapphire is not only a witness, but also a possible target.

A desperate Susanne looks for help to find Sapphire, who has fled. She contacts C.C., a war veteran and former patient with PTSD. Reluctantly, he agrees to track down the girl.

Susanne sees her former colleague Maja in a subway station. She finds out that Maja has a connection with both the police commissioner and John, and is involved in smuggling girls at the strip club.

While searching for Sapphire, Susanne falls into the hands of John and is defenceless at the mercy of him. Bound and in mortal danger, Susanne must use all her psychological abilities to survive and, in the face of death, makes a shocking discovery.