Face To Face | Forhøret


3.6 out of 5 stars
Starring: Alma Ekehed Thomsen, Ulrich Thomsen, Søren Malling
2019. Returning Series

Police officer Bjørn is called in to the morgue identify the body of a woman and is horrified to find that it is his own daughter. However, when the autopsy rules her death to be suicide, he refuses to believe it.

As the evidence begins to point towards murder, a prodigious, furious and sorrow-stricken Bjørn begins to chat the last day of his daughter’s life. This sends him on a whirlwind journey through the night, where he encounters people who each meant something crucial to his daughter, revealing a network of truths, lies and criminal acts woven into her and Bjørn’s own life.

But in order to fully understand his daughter’s death, Bjørn must confront himself – until he finally faces the unavoidable truth of why she died.