Falco – Season 1


In 1991, Alexandre Falco, a young police officer married and father to a little girl, takes a bullet to the head while responding to a call. Everything goes dark. In 2013, he opens his eyes in hospital, believing that he has only been unconscious for a few days but soon learns that he has been in a coma for 22 years. Things have changed. His wife has made a new life. His daughter is an adult. He has been retired. Falco’s world is shattered. Upon leaving hospital he helps a young woman who is then killed the next day, leaving him in the frame for murder.

Falco, still coming to terms with what happened to him, is finally reinstated with the police thanks to his former partner, now Commissioner, Jean-Paul Ménard. Falco’s new partner, the young and procedural Lieutenant Chevalier, sees him as unpredictable and unstable so treats him with suspicion. But the murder of a taxi driver gives Falco the opportunity to prove that he has lost none of his skills. Meanwhile, Falco discovers that his wife’s new companion is the departmental lawyer, Chéron, with whom he will have to collaborate on every case.

Falco is under pressure. His daughter Pauline, who he has not seen since waking up, returns from India. Between excitement and apprehension, Falco wonders how he will fit into her life. This return also exacerbates the tension with Philippe Chéron, Carole’s companion and Pauline’s step father. At work, a strange case has emerged: the violent murder of a psychiatrist who was investigating the alleged suicide of one of his patients.

Falco and his team must track down a poisoner who has murdered several women. They must anticipate his actions to prevent the number of victims from increasing. Who is behind these disturbing crimes? Are the victims as random as they first appear? Meanwhile, Falco’s recovery jeopardises the his wife Carole’s relationship. Will she choose to resume her life with him? How will Chéron react?

A student is assaulted and her life hangs in the balance.. At the time of the incident, the girl was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Falco and Chevalier are in charge of the investigation. They learn that she was a straight ‘A’ student but behind the facade, the girl had been lying to her entourage for several months. Meanwhile, the relationship between Carole and Falco takes a new turn, while Falco’s past resurfaces and memories of his accident come back to him.

A medium is murdered, and during the investigation a second corpse is found which has been buried in the forest for several years. Falco’s personal life becomes complicated and disrupts his work. He tries to uncover the truth about the circumstances of his accident, but where will this lead him?