Falco – Season 2


Falco is obsessed with the vision of his best friend, Jean-Paul Ménard, shooting at him 23 years earlier. Could it be him, the honest police commissioner, who sent him into a coma? Disturbed and sleepless, throws himself into his work, assisted by Chevalier. A young man is on the run and he leaves behind his little sister, wandering alone in the woods of Vincennes with a bloody stuffed toy in her arms. The man’s best friend is found dead not far from him. Soon, he gets information about a robber who could be involved in the case.

Falco has been following Menard for several days, watching his every move. He now knows that since he got out of a coma, the commissioner has been lying to him. Meanwhile, Clara Benetti, aged 24, is found dead. She was supposedly murdered by the serial killer Drouet at the age of six, so where has she been for the past 18 years?

Falco digs into Menard’s past, twenty-three years ago. At the same time, a Change The World group, who until now had been harmless, kidnaps the daughter of a rich industrialist. The father expects her release to be straight forward, but the situation degenerates when the militants murder an innocent person.

While Falco is more than ever before the lies of the past, the corpse of a carpenter is found brutally executed at home. But it soon becomes clear that his identity is fake, and his French-born daughter knows nothing about his true identity.

Falco can’t accept the death of his best friend, Ménard, and it seems that he might never know the truth about their past. While the entire police station is in mourning, a body is found in circumstances that look like a Christian ritual. Falco’s investigation reveals that the perpetrator to be The Angel Of Death, a serial killer who is about to strike a fourth time. Further murders are prevenyed but he becomes the focus of a religious fanatic, as the risen one who saw God!

A new commissioner has been appointed to replace Ménard, and Romain has disappeared. Falco receives a video showing Romain tied up with explosives, and is forced to help a prisoner escape from the IGS. However, the escape attempt is short-lived and results in a hostage situation. Falco manages to slip through but is isolated, and must save Romain while the DPJ and IGS snap at his heels.