Familjen Rysberg – Season 1


1. Suburban Vampire Slayer
There is anaemia in Transylvania so the noble vampire family Rysberg are forced to move from their gothic horror castle to a rented apartment in the suburbs. Mother Bettan gets a job at the blood centre but the proud dad Drak-Olle is finding it difficult to adapt and is unhappy amongst the living. He decides to steal blood from Bettan’s work and sell it on the black market in Transylvania. However, there are those that need blood more than some ancient vampires with a dry throat.

2. Halloween
It’s Halloween at the Rysberg’s and Bettan decides to invite all the neighborhood kids to a Halloween Party so that Uffe can make some new friends. Just as the whole lair has been decorated for Halloween the doorbell rings and in walks Transylvania’s biggest gossip Aunt Mary Frankenteiner from newspaper Weekly. So Mary won’t think that the family has become humanised they tell her that the party is being held just for them to attack children and suck their blood. Mary thinks that it sounds great – it will be her bloodiest story so far in the magazine’s history. Or will it?

3. Vampyrella’s New Guy
To dad Drak-Olle’s horror, Vampyrella has started dating a regular living guy. When Vampyrella’s guy Anton comes home to the family’s apartment to meet Betty and Drak-Olle, they learn that Dracula himself is coming to visit. Now it gets complicated. They have make Anton disappear from the apartment before the Count gets there and discovers that his heir is dating a human. What a disaster!

4. The Vampire’s Toothache
Drak-Olle has terrible toothache but is incredibly scared of the dentist and will not go. Bettan, Uffe and Vampyrella are tired of Drak-Olle’s constant howling and whining over his toothache and eventually Bettan forces him to go. The dentist thinks that Drak-Olle has unusually long canines and says that the toothache will stop if he pulls them out. This would be a disaster for Drak-Olle – a vampire with no fangs would be laughed at back home in Transylvania. Perhaps he should start to use the fangs again, but who should Drak-Olle get his teeth into?

5. Work Sucks
Bettan’s mother Henrietta decides to visit the family in their apartment. Drak-Olle is moderately amused by the upcoming visit and Bettan wants him to go out and get a proper job so that Henrietta will not be disappointed in him. Drak-Olle marches off to the employment office and gets a job that turns out not to be entirely appropriate for a vampire. Vampyrella wants to date a guy who has a dog kennel, which would be useful for when Uffe transforms into a werewolf.

6. The Chilling Reality Show
Drak-Olle sees that a family is required for a reality show – a perfect job for the workshy Drak-Olle. It is not long before a television crew with an eccentric producer arrive at the family Rysbergs apartment. Not everyone is excited to be in a reality show, but Dös-Kalle sees his life’s chance to finally be discovered as a star.

7. Zombie Dude Raaalf
Drak-Olle’s old zombie buddy Raaalf comes to visit. But it is not easy to have a zombie to stay – he smells terrible, is messy and loses body parts all over the place. Bettan demands that Drak-Olle should get rid of Raaalf as soon as possible, but it turns out to be easier said than done.

8. Uffe’s Night Land
Bettan goes away and Drak-Olle sees his chance to lounge in front of the TV all day, but to his horror Ingrid Stålhandske from the Tenants Association makes an unexpected visit. The neighbours have complained about the night-time crying and howling coming from the family Rysberg’s apartment. The zealous Ingrid thinks that little Ulf is being mistreated, and starts an investigation, completely unaware that he can at any moment turn into a werewolf.

9. Interior Hysteria
Bettan receives some inheritance from a relative and decides that they will use the money to makeover the gloomy apartment, despite Drak-Olle’s protests. Bettan contacts TV interior designer Jenny Bokvist to take on the assignment. But things don’t turn out quite how Bettan imagined, whether it be with the decor or with Drak-Olle’s sudden interest in Jenny…

The police call and say that they have found a confused elderly woman who claims that she is related to Bettan. Bettan has only one old relative and it is Transylvania’s nastiest vampire: Olga Likström. They have no choice but to let Olga sleep over but when Drak-Olle tries to get rid of the nasty Olga she tells him that she has an old vampire treasure. Drak-Olle sees his chance to get their hands on it and tries everything to get Olga to say where it is, but Olga seems very confused and doesn’t really seem to remember…

11. Stinking Awful
Drak-Olle has secretly invested their last savings on the lottery and Betty becomes hostile until it turns out that they have won! The family divides the money between themselves and immediately start spending. There is a lot of money so they should all have enough, shouldn’t they?

12. The Horrid Dinner
Betty has invited her boss home for dinner. Is she crazy? What if they become exposed as vampires and Betty loses her job? Also, something seems to have happened to Vampyrella, who suddenly starts to have an enormous thirst for blood.