Fares Fares Stars In Swedish Partisan Drama

Fares Fares (Department Q) is taking a break from Hollywood to star in five-part Viaplay crime thriller Partisan, directed by Amir Chamdin (Hassel).

The drama unfolds in the idyllic agricultural community of Jordnära, a gated community in Sweden where everything seems perfect, or at least it does on the surface.

Fares Fares said: “I have been wanting to do something in Swedish for a long time, and Amir and I have been trying to work together for an eternity, but nothing seemed right. But when Amir came with Partisan, after only a couple of meetings there was no doubt that I just had to do this.”

Amir Chamdin added: “Partisan is not like anything I’ve done before. When Fares joined, not only did the dream of working with one of the world’s best actors come true, but also the dream of seeing Fares star in a Swedish crime drama.”

Partisan has already begun filming and will premiere on Viaplay across the Nordic region in 2020.