Felix Herngren Working On Secret Project For Netflix

As previously reported, Netflix is currently looking at Swedish projects both for domestic and international audiences. Now, in Kristian Luuk’s podcast TV Med Luuk, actor and director Felix Herngren (The Hundred Year Old Man) reveals that he is working on a project for Netflix.

“I cannot go into what it is, but it will be shown in 190 countries. It is nailed down,” he says in the podcast.

“We have not started filming it yet. It is great fun, but it’s not a drama series. I can’t go into it really.”

“I think that in five years or three years there will be a completely different market than today. It really favours those of us that make television programmes. We are in constant contact with Amazon, Netflix and HBO.”

When Nöjesbladet contacted him via e-mail for further details, Herngren replied: “Unfortunately I cannot say anything about this yet, except that it is not a series.”

Felix Herngren’s agent, Johanna von Seth, reinforced this in an email to news agency TT: “Felix has said that we have a ‘project’ that Netflix has said yes to, but we are not currently able to answer any more questions about this.”