Filming Begins On Second Film In Håkan Nesser Trilogy

Director Daniel Alfredson’s second feature film in a trilogy based on the novels by Håkan Nesser, entitled Intrigo: Dear Agnes, is set to begin filming this week in Belgium, Serbia and Slovenia.

The Intrigo trilogy is set in an undefined country somewhere in northern Europe, and is said to deal with the problems of escape, dark hidden secrets destined to surface, and the concepts of guilt, revenge and atonement.

Intrigo: Dear Agnes stars Carla Juri (Wetlands) and Gemma Chan (Humans), and filming begins as Intrigo: Death Of An Author, starring Ben Kingsley, draws to a close. The final film in the trilogy, Intrigo: Samaria, will begin immediately thereafter and principal photography for all three will complete in September of this year.

Producer, Rick Dugdale, said: “Initially we were worried it might be a crazy idea to shoot all three features back to back to back but it’s turned out to be the best and most innovative idea we’ve ever had.”

“It’s a huge undertaking, but once you dive in to the pages of Håkan Nesser and once you immerse yourself in the world of Maardam that we are creating – you don’t even notice that we’re shooting six months across four different countries, and three of them twice.”

The Intrigo trilogy will be published worldwide next year, and the theatrical release of Intrigo: Death Of An Author is slated for the end of 2018.