Kinnaman Feared For Her Life While Filming Modus

In promoting Modus for its Norwegian premiere on Sunday night, Melinda Kinnaman revealed in an interview with TV2 the genuine fear that she felt when filming scenes with Marek Oravec:

“There was a fight scene where I got quite a shock. I had the bad guy over me and he took me by the throat. Then I suddenly felt that he might kill me for real. It’s a feeling that I’ve never felt before. I felt vulnerable.”

“Even though I know Marek Oravec, who is an amazing actor, I still cringe when I meet him. I’ve seen him do such horrific things… When someone comes at you and looks like they want to kill you and lashes out at you … Even if you know they’re not going to hit you, something happens. One reacts with the body, the entire system.”

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Modus has averaged a million viewers in Sweden since it premiered in September, and has recently begun to roll out internationally. A second season has been confirmed but it is not yet known when it will air.