Filming Begins On Crime Drama Before We Die

Producer Maria Nordenberg, director Simon Kaijser and actors Adam Pålsson and Marie Richardson, who collaborated on the successful Swedish TV drama Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves, are to reunite for a new crime drama entitled Innan Vi Dör (Before We Die).

Written by Niklas Rockström (Thicker Than Water) and Wilhelm Behrman, Before We Die is an emotional and unpredictable story in ten parts which examines the strength of family ties, brutal power struggles in the underworld, and personal sacrifice.

Maria Richardsson plays Hanna who is no longer the star of the Stockholm police unit for organised crime. Her family life has also disintegrated since her son Christian, who has just served a two-year prison sentence for drug possession, has cut all ties with her because it was she who had him arrested.

When Hanna’s lover and colleague Sven is kidnapped it is revealed that he ran an undercover investigation of criminal biker gangs, but only Hanna knows that Sven had an infiltrator and soon she realises the breadth of the inquiry.

Ultimately, in order to prevent a brutal takeover in the underworld Hanna must fight for her son’s life and break a family to save her own.

In an interview with Nöjesbladet, Richardson says: “There is some common ground between this and Blue Eyes. It is here and now and it is a thriller in the midst of our contemporaries… When you read a script that is a page-turner, it is like reading a good book. So it was here.”

Before We Die begins filming on November 25th for eight months and is expected to premiere in Spring 2017 on SVT in Sweden.