Final Season Of Occupied To Air Later This Year

Viaplay has announced that the third and final season of Occupied (Okkupert), which deals with the aftermath of Russia’s occupation, is set to air across Scandinavia towards the end of this year.

The six-part conclusion to Occupied finds Norway struggling to find its identity as the Russians return home after two years in control and the country’s oil and gas production is resumed. As an election looms, the people are divided as old divisions resurface.

Henrik Mestad, who plays former Prime Minister Jesper Berg, said: “I guarantee that this season will be our best… I am more bad ass and a much tougher and more dangerous character. It is more fun to play, but also a little scary.”

Head of Viaplay Norway, Børge Nielsen, added: “Viaplay saved the Occupied Universe when we took it over for season two. It was great to get involved with one of the biggest dramas around, and nice to be able to deliver a third and last season, so that the story can be concluded in a way that the series deserves.”