Finland To Unleash Black Widows On Sweden Next Week

Eight part revenge thriller Black Widows, a remake of the Finnish hit series Mustat Lesket about three girlfriends who kill their husbands, premieres February 4th on TV3 in Sweden. The seductive trio are played by Norway’s Synnöve Macody Lund, Sweden’s Cecilia Forss, and Denmark’s Beate Bille.

Black Widows’ premise is that three women decide to work together to kill their husbands. They arrange a well-timed explosion and expect to carry on with their lives in peace and quiet. But nothing is quite as they imagined, and they are drawn into a spiral of lies and crimes.

Cecilia Forss says: “There is so much humour. It is very absurd. It is about three women who blow their husbands up and, in their naivety, believe that they can continue to live a happy life. They don’t seem to realise that they actually are killers.”

The script has been partially rewritten, not least because the widows now hail from three different countries, but the plot remains the same as the original, and the production team are almost entirely Finnish. Indeed, although the action takes place in the three Scandinavian countries, the majority of filming took place in Finland.