Finnish Box Office Receipts Hit Record High In 2015

2015 saw Finnish cinemas increase both their general box office receipts and the market share for domestic films.

General admissions increased by 19% from 2014 to 8.7 million, and 36 new Finnish films sold a record 2.6 million tickets, yielding a domestic admissions rate in 2015 of 29%.

“The strategy of Finnish film policy, in which the public authorities, the talent and industry professionals jointly set goals and promote film culture, has proved effective,” says Irina Krohn, the Managing Director of the Finnish Film Foundation.

“The numerous years of work has borne fruit, and this is a good springboard. I am pleased on behalf of the whole film industry for the confidence Finnish public has in our films. This provides a solid base for the Finnish film industry to reach wider international success.”

“The movie theatres announce their yearly admissions at the end of each year, but the domestic films continue their lives decades after their movie theatre premieres have gone.”

“The Finns love stories and storytellers. In the modern world we live in there is no single, unique Finnish story but a rich weave of Finnish stories with a wide variety of colors and shapes,” says Krohn.

Title Tickets In 2015 Release Date
Reunion 505.376 25/02/15
Lapland Odyssey 2 378.534 30/09/15
Ricky Rapper and the Scrooge of Seville 315.966 13/02/15
The Midwife 226.203 04/09/15
Jill and Joy’s Winter 217.254 09/10/15
Big Game 130.121 19/03/15
Vares – The Sheriff 110.102 07/10/15
Adult Camp 109.906 23/01/15
Homecoming 84.211 21/08/15
We Are the Pirates of the Roads 76.554 27/03/15