Fire Service Rescues Kindergarten From The Snowman

Osloby reports that police and firefighters were called to Tørtberg Kindergarten near Vigeland Park in Oslo on Tuesday due to concerns about air pollution. Several trucks were stood with their engines idling whilst filming for The Snowman took place in the park.

Elin Kindem, head of Tørtberg Kindergarten said: “We were a bit taken by surprise and did not know there was going to be so many trucks and vans… It was decided that the children should stay inside because of the air pollution.”

Oslo Fire and Rescue Department assisted the police with measuring air quality at the nursery, and it was decided that the kindergarten should shut down its ventilation system to prevent further exhaust gasses from entering the building.

Bjorn Lind, Brigade Commander for Oslo Fire and Rescue Department said: “There is every reason to be concerned about exhaust gasses… These are the same gases that we experience with fires, and are highly toxic.”

Sasha Gibson, Communications Manager for The Snowman, said: “We solved the problem once we were made aware of this. The cars stood idle because of the cold, but the ignition was turned off once we received complaints about it… It’s nice to work in a city that takes air quality seriously, and we have now instructed all our drivers to turn off the cars once they are parked.”