First Responders | Åreakuten – Season 1

New doctor Zara is straight into the action to help release a paraglider who crashes into the woods. And her first day only gets more intense at the local health centre in Åre.

It’s midsummer and it seems to be a calm day for the emergency teams, but when an unconscious boy is dumped at the health centre, Midsummer Eve turns into a race against time.

It’s Zara’s first shift going solo at the health centre and she’s determined to prove to Kerstin that she’s capable of doing everything perfectly without supervision.

Tomas finds a man who has been shot while on a guided tourist hike on the mountain, but the victim refuses to tell him anything about the incident. Åsa steps in to help Tomas investigate.

The water in the Fjallsjon lake is 4°C. Two teenagers, Lina and Joel, have gone out paddling and Lina’s father quickly becomes worried when he can’t contact them.

Lina and Joel are fighting for their lives after being found in the ice-cold water. Tomas is sceptical about how Markus handled the rescue on the lake.

There’s a bike festival so Sofia takes her date Filip biking after work. Meanwhile, Zara has moved on after Markus, and a new doctor, Maria, has started work at the health centre.

A man is suspected of killing his wife in an act of domestic violence, but the case turns out to be harder to solve than Åsa first believes.

Markus gets into trouble when he tries to rescue a woman during a hotel fire. Zara has a confrontation with Kerstin and gets a tempting offer from Espen.

Carita’s daughter Stella suddenly disappears at the supermarket. Zara needs to make a difficult decision and Åsa tries to be honest with Tomas.