First Trailer Reveals Isak As The New Star Of Skam

Ever since the third season of Skam (Shame) was announced in May, fans have wondered who the main protagonist will be. Now, NRK has published a teaser which seems to reveal Isak (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) as the focus for the new season.

The trailer shows a water fight in a male locker room with Jonah, William and Chris whilst Isak looks on. The scene ends with a carton of milk exploding over Isak, and then his name appears full frame across the screen.

Until now Skam has mainly followed girlfriends Noora, Eva, Vilde, Chris and Sana at Hartvig Nissen High School in Oslo. However, Isak has been a prominent character during the first two seasons, and storylines have included his friends speculating as to whether he is gay.

Håkon Moslet, Editorial Director at NRK P3 would not confirm or deny the role of Isak in season three: “The promo speaks for itself. What I can say is that there is plenty to grab the fans, and they have a good season ahead. Beyond that I do not want to comment on further details.”

The General Secretary of Skeiv Verden (Queer World), Susanne Demou Øvergaard, told NRK:

“We hoped for this. We hope that it will give a visual representation for others who might have it a little harder in the schoolyard… It is important to showcase different perspectives and hopefully LGBT people will see this as being positive.”

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Season three of Skam premieres this autumn.