Follow The Money | Bedrag – Season 3


Businessman Nicky is back in Denmark after two years in Spain, but hears surprising news about his five-year-old son Milas, whom he has not seen for two years. Meanwhile, police officer Alf is given a new role in a task force after an unexpected find in a basement.

Alf investigates the basement case, which turns out to have a connection to mysterious kingpin Marco, while Nicky’s son pays the price as he tries to keep his businesses going.

Alf and his task force are on the trail of their suspect in the basement deaths case, but tracking him proves more difficult than they expected. Nicky tries to find his son, who is now living with a foster family, while Anna finds herself in deep water as she attempts to be a financial adviser in the organised crime world.

Anna starts working for Nicky, laundering the money from his drug dealing through her job at the bank and meets with potential lawyers from Dubai. Alf suspects Nicky is involved in the basement deaths and is the link to the mysterious Marco, but his boss wants him to focus on the drug smuggler they have in custody instead.

Anna continues to organise Nicky’s banking businesses while he tries to re-establish his relationship with Milas. Alf starts monitoring Nicky’s apartment, but does not find what he was expecting. Frustrated, and struggling with insomnia and PTSD, he makes some quick – and bad – decisions that will have fatal consequences for innocent people.

Alf confronts Nicky and organises a series of raids against the drug dealers in an attempt to find evidence against him and Marco, but the chief inspector has other plans for the investigation. Nicky wants to hand over his business to Lala to focus on a normal life with his son Milas, while Anna’s new boss has words after an unexpected audit.

Anna finds out that Nete has plans to co-operate with the police and tries to put a stop to it, while Nicky and Lala get off on the wrong foot when she starts taking over both his businesses and the access to Marco. Alf is confronted by Stine about his substance abuse and the mysterious shift of course in the Nicky and Marco case, while the police chief continues to puts pressure on him to follow a hidden agenda.

Alf’s decision to go against Brodersen’s orders following a murder has severe consequences for the Norrebro task force, while Marco’s true identity is revealed and Nicky is forced to deal with his business arrangement with Lala. Alf is on the trail of Anna, investigating her as a possible connection to Nicky, when her husband suddenly comes to her rescue.

Alf and Stine hunt for the wounded Nicky, but find that he is one step ahead of them. Anna realises that Nicky can no longer help her when her family is sought out by Lala and his criminal partners.

Alf desperately tries to track down Nicky before he can escape the country, while Anna receives an offer she cannot refuse.