Follow The Money Explores Cartel Laundering

In season three of Follow The Money (Bedrag), which premieres in Denmark next month, we follow the trail of hash money through the city, from the park pushers through Nørrebrogade’s money exchanges, into banks and overseas.

The new season picks up the story with Nicky, who is now a heavyweight in the Danish underworld, and Alf, who has joined the Organised Crime unit. When Alf is drafted in by the Fraud Squad to help crack the kingpin’s accounts and finances, a deadly game of cat and mouse is set in motion, as one counteracts the other.

Showrunner, Jeppe Gjervig Gram, said in a statement: “In the first two seasons we hunted criminals in suits and corporate crooks in expensive offices, but there is another money trail that I have dreamt of exploring since the first season, and that is organised crime.”

“Inspiration for this season originally came from a massive money laundering case brought against one of the world’s largest banks, which systematically cleaned billions for drug cartels. And the deeper we dug into Denmark’s involvement, the more we realised how topical our third season would be.”

Follow The Money season three premieres 6th January on DR1 in Denmark.