Follow The Money Launches 19th March On BBC Four

Danish crime thriller Follow The Money (Bedrag) will launch on BBC Four in the UK at 9pm on Saturday 19th March.

Follow The Money begins with a dead body found in the sea near a wind farm off the coast of Denmark. Mads, the police detective assigned to the investigation, refuses to believe that it is just an accident. The deeper he digs, the more suspicious he becomes of quickly expanding energy company Energen and is drawn into a morass of financial and legal shady dealings.

When it premiered in Denmark on New Year’s Day, Follow The Money attracted 1,260,000 viewers and added 150,000 viewers for its second episode, giving it a 48% share rising to 56%.

Compared to other DR dramas, Follow the Money had a stronger opening than season three of The Bridge (839,000) but weaker than season two of The Legacy (1.58 M).

Piv Bernth, DR’s Head of Drama, said: “We are so proud of the series… It’s a complicated plot and story, with many new characters, and the Danish audience and critics embraced them all.”