Frida Hallgren Uncovers Family History In Miss Friman’s War

According to, during the filming of Miss Friman’s War, actress Frida Hallgren accidentally uncovered a piece of her own family’s history. In between takes she took a selfie which she then sent to her father. In the photo she posed next to a tin of anchovies which were manufactured by Frida’s grandfather in the 1800s.

“Frida took a picture of herself during filming and sent it to me,” says Frida’s father, Bjorn Hallgren. “After a while I discovered the tin in the background and had to take a closer look. I had seen pictures of those cans before. It proved to be a label from Frida’s great grandfather’s firm JJ Hallgren & Son who were in business at the time.”

“She was clearly so happy and I think this is funny. It’s a part of our history that we probably haven’t talked much about in the family before. It is a strange coincidence that it should show up in production.”

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Season two of Miss Friman’s War (Fröken Frimans Krig) premieres on SVT at 9pm on Christmas Day. Set in 1906, the Swedish Homes grocery store has now become the secret meeting place for a group fighting for women’s suffrage in Sweden. But it’s still very much a man’s world, and new obstacles arise as the women battle for their rights.