Further Casting For Those Who Kill Season Two

The Viaplay reboot of Those Who Kill (Den som dræber), starring Natalie Madueño as criminal profiler Louise Bergstein, will also feature Tobias Santelmann (Atlantic Crossing), Helle Fagralid (The Killing), and Solbjerg Højfeldt (Ride Upon The Storm) as part of the investigative team when it returns for season two in Spring 2021.

In season two, three young men are murdered on Funen over a short period and while there appears to be a connection the case remains unsolved. Five years later, the mother of one of the victims, who was a close friend of Louise’s mother, is diagnosed with cancer and desperately wants the truth before she dies so asks Louise for help.

Louise throws herself into the case without hesitation as another young man is found murdered in similar circumstances. She desperately tries to solve the mystery before the next victim is taken, but the killer is much more intelligent than she dare imagine, and is she on the kill list herself?

Producer, Caroline Schlüter, said: “Lead writer Ina Bruhn has dug even deeper into the characters’ psyche this time and created a strong and chilling narrative where we get right under the skin of profiler Louise Bergstein and the serial killer she is chasing.”

Those Who Kill season two comprises eight parts and premieres on Viaplay across the Nordic region in Spring 2021.