Gåsmamman To Conclude With Season Six

C More has revealed Gåsmamman, starring Alexandra Rapaport, will return for seasons five and six with a total of twelve episodes to conclude Sonja’s journey, and filming has already begun.

As season five begins, a few years have passed Sonja staged her own death in order to take over as leader of the criminal network to which she has was connected. Meanwhile, as Sonja expands her criminal missions abroad, her family and friends have moved on with their lives in the belief that she is dead.

Alexandra Rapaport said: “It’s time for the final story that takes Gåsmamman to the finish line. I can’t wait to once again play Sonja who has become an important part of me after all these years. Viewers should get ready for an emotional roller coaster with excitement, laughter and tears.”

Season five of Gåsmamman will premiere on C More and TV4 in 2021.