Gåsmamman To Premiere 26th November On C More

The world premiere of new eight part thriller Gåsmamman, based on the hit Dutch series Penoza, is scheduled for 26th November 2015 on Sweden’s C More and has a repeat run on Kanal 5 in Spring 2016.

Gåsmamman is billed as a series about drug trafficking, brutal killings and getting the kids to school. Alexandra Rapaport plays Sonja, who lives a rather carefree life with her beloved family in a suburb of Stockholm and works as an accountant in the family business at the marina. Her finances are usually no problem as long as she doesn’t ask where the money comes from, but one day mother of three Sonja is drawn against her will into the criminal underworld in order to save her family.

Alexandra Rapaport, who is also co-producer of Gåsmamman, describes the series as “Erin Brockovich meets Breaking Bad, with elements of The Sopranos.”

Magnus Roosmann plays Sonja’s husband, and her divorced parents are Tommy Körberg and Grynet Molvig. Gustaf Hammarsten has a key role to play which is “unsympathetic in nature”. He says:

“I play some kind of gang boss, who sees himself as an efficient businessman in a world where you sometimes have to do away with people… I want to avoid falling into the cliché of the creepy psychotic gangster so I try to be vigilant against it. The most dangerous people do not raise their voice – it’s what happens in your head that counts.”

Richard Holm (the Johan Falk films) directs Gåsmamman, and the screenplay is written by Camilla Ahlgren (The Bridge) and Martin Asphaug (Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of Galilee).