Gomorrah – Season 1


Pietro Savastano is the godfather of the most powerful clan in the Camorra, responsible for all illicit trafficking in Naples. Respected by all, he has only one major rival: Salvatore Conte. After an umpteenth settling of scores, Pietro Savastano decides to permanently eliminate Conte, and asks Ciro to do it. Genny, the son of Pietro Savastano, wants to be involved, but his father thinks he is too young. Ciro and a few other sentinels go hunting for Conte, resulting in a firefight.

Pietro Savastano is waiting for a delivery of 200 kilos of cocaine bound for the port of Naples. The police are warned and seize the drugs, so Pietro Savastano looks for a traitor in his ranks. Genny tries to pick up the fiancée of a rival clan member at a night club in Casavatore. Pietro Savastano, sensing that the wind is turning, asks Ciro to be Genny’s number two if he dies. Ciro gives Genny a baptism of fire as a first step in his initiation: kill a man chosen at random.

Behind bars, Pietro Savastano entrusts Ciro and his son to take the reins of the Savastano clan. Genny, who thinks more about girls than business, seduces Noemi, who he met at the night club in Casavatore. He ends up taking her home, which makes Imma furious. Meanwhile, Salvatore Conte is exiled in Spain, where he sets up a new business.

African drug traffickers, who have been in business with Pietro Savastano for a long time, now want to give him a smaller percentage of their income. They send one of their men to jail to talk to Pietro Savastano to convince him to give up them some slack. The answer is no and settling the argument will be bloody.

Transferred to a high security facility, Pietro Savastano can no longer manage the clan’s affairs. When the godfather’s wife, Imma, and Genny head to Milan to get cash from Franco Musi, the accountant, it turns out that he has diverted the funds for his own investment. He panics when he can’t readily access the funds, but Imma offers a solution.

Imma wants to oust Ciro, the godfather’s favorite. She gives him a mission that is as delicate as it is dangerous: go to Spain to make peace with Conte and propose that they manage the drug market together. Meanwhile, Genny flies to Honduras, also on a mission entrusted to him by Imma: contact local drug traffickers …

Donna Imma now manages the clan’s business with an iron fist. She is insensitive to a desperate call from her son Genny, who fears for his life in Honduras while negotiating with drug traffickers. Ciro is charged with find a new hub for drug trafficking and chooses a poor neighborhood where Donna Imma is popular.

Back from Honduras, Genny is not the same man as he once was. He intends to reign supreme over the clan which now has, thanks to him, a monopoly of the drug market. Once his accounts are settled with his mother and Ciro, he intends to take control of a huge real estate project which includes a road freight centre. This presupposes influencing local elected officials. Although the current mayor is under the thumb of the Savastano clan, Genny wants to have a younger man in his place who can make things happen: Michele Casillo.

Genny now leads the clan and is condescending towards the elders, including Ciro. He meets Salvatore Conte’s men to share out contracts. but there is a catch – two landowners refuse to be evicted. Genny tells Ciro to fix the problem. who then uses the opportunity to provoke a new clan war by sending young Daniele to kill Salvatore Conte’s right-hand man, Tonino.

Conte returns from his exile in Spain to avenge the death of Tonino. Genny, wanting to calm things down, visits Russo’s widow and carries out his own investigation. Ciro tells him that Daniele has vanished, which makes him look like the culprit. Daniele’s life hangs in the balance, and his brother Massimo must choose between family and clan.

Surrounded by his followers at Daniele’s funeral, Genny claims that the young mafia apprentice was part of his clan. His rival, Conte, tries to poach some of his men, so a furious Genny decides to stop everyone from working with him in the drug business. Meanwhile, Donna Imma discovers that Ciro is behind the murder of Tonino, but Ciro and the older lieutenants are a step ahead.

Imma paid with her life for trying to save the clan, but she took precautions by leaving a CD of a conversation between Ciro and Manu for her lawyer and her son Genny. Furious at Ciro’s betrayal, Genny decides to kill all the older lieutenants in the clan. Ciro realises Genny’s plan so meets Conte to convince him to kill Genny and his boys. Meanwhile. due to deteriorating health, Don Pietro is transferred to another prison, but escapes en route.