Gomorrah – Season 2


Don Pietro has just escaped from prison and learns that Gennaro and his men have gotten dirty. Gennaro has miraculously survived, but his life hangs by a thread. Ciro proposes an alliance to Salvatore Conte, but the top spot in the organisation won’t be open for long. The time has come for the families to choose a side. However, while the ambitious Ciro nears his goal, the woman in his life, Deborah, is terrified of being targeted by Savastano.

A year has passed. In Honduras, Gennaro Savastano is a major drug trafficker. He goes to Italy, then to Cologne where he meets his father. Things are tense between the two men as they blame each other for the family’s downfall. While conducting an arms deal, their supplier is shot by the Calabrian Mafia. After escaping the shooting they are pursued by the police, and Don Pietro falls ill.

Salvatore Conte’s business is running well, but he isn’t happy with the performance of his new retail partners and hears from his lieutenants that they are complaining about the price of drugs. He uses the parish priest to close the deal at the place in Monterosa and forces the dealers to compensate its manager Zingariello. Ciro sees the picture clearly: with Savastano eliminated, Conte wants to get rid of the alliance and its members. He waits for them to make a mistake, and is counting on Don Salvatore to make a rash decision.

Donna Annalisa’s drugs are stolen during transit. Ciro counsels her to keep calm due to the complications presented by the assassination of Conte. The death of his rival gives hope to Pietro Savastano. Despite the doubts of his son, he believes that he can regain his throne. After her drugs, Donna Annalisa is robbed of her money, but a young man gives up the thief. Don Pietro is secretly back in Naples, and Patrizia has agreed to become his courier and messenger.

Ciro goes to negotiate peace with Don Aniello, who agrees to ensure the security of an arrangement. In Rome, Gennaro decides not to kill Ciro, but does want to meet him. Since Don Aniello and Giuseppe Avitabile vouch for him, Ciro agrees. Don Pietro explodes at being excluded from negotiations, so sends Patrizia, his messenger, to tell Gennaro to kill Ciro regardless of the risks.

Ciro is still alive and Pietro Savastano is furious that Gennaro disobeyed him, so he leaves his hideout get an explanation from him. The old man accepts his son’s arguments and agrees to respect the agreement with Ciro. Meanwhile, the absence of Savastano on the ground allows Ciro to extend his grip. A group of ambitious young thugs, led by Trak, decide to create their own clan. Trak and his men launch a surprise attack on Malamó’s patch, in Savastano’s territory.

Gennaro wants to make Gabriè his ally, but he’s Pietro Savastano’s first target of revenge. Determined to annihilate the alliance and Ciro, Don Pietro is ready to declare war regardless of the consequences. Gabriè is suspected of taking merchandise for his own use, but Ciro defends him, because his skills are needed to cut the drugs that will fund the secessionists. Gabriè finally asks for protection.

After the death of Gabriè, the members of the alliance are suspicious of each other, but nobody thinks of attributing it to Don Pietro. Ciro wants to expose Gabriè’s murderer. Feeling threatened, Rosario leaves for safety at the seaside with his wife and daughter, but is shot in front of his family on the beach. Many believe that the Métis had him killed to avenge Gabriè.

Donna Annalisa doubted the fidelity of Marinella, the beautiful wife of her son, Lello, but she is certain. Mario, her lover, will pay for this betrayal with his life. When Lello finally gets out of prison, he discovers that his mother got him a deal, but also learns about Marinella’s infidelity. Lello is kidnapped and owes his survival to an unexpected police check. Don Pietro is pleased to have sown discord within the alliance while in hiding.

Marinella tries to get her husband Lello killed. Having failed, she knows she faces death, so goes to the police and denounces Annalisa for Mario’s murder. Sensing danger, Donna Annalisa secretly meets with Don Pietro to assure him of her support. Gennaro is aware of the murders sponsored by his father to end the alliance. The two men agree to meet each other. Meanwhile, Ciro discovers that Patrizia is Don Pietro messenger, and gets dangerously close to him.

Savastano and the guys are wreaking havoc. Ciro sees his associates in the alliance being murdered one by one. The Gypsy, his last link to Raffaele, decides to return to the bosom of Savastano. As a price for his forgiveness, Don Pietro asks the Gypsy to give him Ciro. In Rome, Gennaro and Azzurra prepare for their wedding, and Ciro tries to convince Gennaro to confront his father.

Raffaele and two of his men are caught by surprise. With his last ally murdered, Ciro wants to arm himself and gathers around him those who hate Don Pietro. Gennaro goes to the prison to receive instructions from Giuseppe, his father-in-law. Finding out who betrayed him and sent him behind bars is his priority. In Naples, Don Pietro has taken over the drug trafficking business, but he knows that Ciro is a threat.