Grotesco – Season 1


1. Portal till Göteborg
When a top secret excavation in Skärmarbrink reveals a magic portal that leads through time and space to 1970s Gothenburg, not only Sweden but the whole world’s safety is at stake. All of a sudden, it’s not a question of if, but when will everything we believe in be destroyed.

2. Multiplot
A man is looking for an office job, a group of language students arrive at Bromma Airport, and at an assembly hall a kind man has organised a debate on abortion. Meanwhile, TV bosses want to revive the Swedish archipelago, and eventually everyone’s fate is woven together in a devilish way.

3. Hemliga dokument
After a documentary airs about machines taking over the Earth, the people of Sweden decide to put a stop to the future. What they don’t know is that there wouldn’t even have been a future had it not been for Birger Jarn and his valiant warrior in the year 1345.

4. Berggren
Berggren is the presenter of popular magazine programme Rikoschett and has achieved a unique position in the Swedish media. But when he becomes a victim of the kind of investigative journalism he himself created, his entire world comes crashing to an end.

5. Riktigt roolig comedy
Grotesco invites you to an evening of comedy. Things are going to break and people will shake. Sensitive viewers are warned that there are some surprises in this programme.

6. The Trial
When a man is accused of a crime did not commit, it is up to lawyer Mactew Maconahuloiduhewylewydu to prove his innocence in a world full of prejudice, corruption and TV advertising. Don’t miss John Grisley’s The Trial – only on Grotesco!

7. Borta
Stranded on a desert island, the Grotesco team learn how to play and get tanned at the same time. Meanwhile, the scriptwriters need to find ways to weave together all of the sketches that don’t take place on the island.

8. Lång dags färd mot skratt
An editor has to come up with an ending for the series, but is out of ideas. A trainee takes the matter into his own hands and digs up an old comedy legend, who has been dead for many years, to ask for advice. However, the living dead have a predilection for human flesh.