Grotesco – Season 3


1. Flyktingkrisen – en musikal
A musical about Sweden and a period in recent history that marked a sharp change in the course of Swedish politics. Grotesco sets to music the period between June and November 2015 when Sweden welcomed more asylum seekers than ever as a result of the war in Syria and other conflicts.

2. Föräldramötet – ett kammarspel
A parents meeting is called at a school when they demand an answer to an important question: does the school cook make his own ketchup?

3. Ladies Night – ett psykologiskt drama
Emma Molin wants to a place on Grotesco’s writing team. But, as a woman entering the male-dominated comedy world, it proves to be more difficult and dangerous than she could have imagined.

4. Moralpanik – ett samtidsscenario
A sketch about a line referee who sparks a fierce debate that leads to a final showdown between ordinary people and the intellectual elite.

5. Podman – en dokumentär
Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Piotr Lassi makes a film about his old boss, former broadcaster and alcoholic Rolf Pihlman. Pihlman is now sober and runs a YouTube production company while trying to reconnect with his daughter.

6. Drönaren – en kortfilm
Deeply depressed Bergström gets a new lust for life with the help of a drone.

7. Sketchprofeten – ett sketchprogram
In the beginning God created sketches that to be spread among people. But does his divine humour hold true today, or is fresh material funnier than recurring characters?

8. 2022 – ett framtidsscenario
Grotesco looks into the future through a pair of VR glasses at the media in 2022. We follow a pivotal election night that transforms the government and BubL announces a new app with unique content filters.