Gunvald Larsson Rumoured To Return In Beck Spin Off

Expressen reports that negotiations are at an advanced stage for Mikael Persbrandt to reprise his role as Gunvald Larsson in a spin off from Beck.

In the rumoured project Gunvald Larsson has left Stockholm CID and now works for Europol at The Hague in the Netherlands. There he leads a task force whose mission is to tackle serious organised crime and terrorism. However, the show’s main focus is said to be Gunvald Larsson’s personal life – the years have finally taken their toll on him and he is emotionally wrecked.

Planning of the new project is rumoured to be at an advanced stage and Mikael Persbrandt is said to be returning to the role of Larsson, but it is not yet known if it is to be a movie or TV series.

Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wiking’s production company Mexico Media is behind the the new drama, but Film Lance hold the rights to pitch stories involving Larsson, so those rights would first need to be sold on to Mexico Media.

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