Hamilton Reboot Premieres New Year’s Day

A ten-part reboot of Jan Guillou’s beloved Hamilton books, starring Jakob Oftebro (Kon-Tiki) as the young Carl Hamilton on his first mission into Europe, is set to premiere New Year’s Day on C More.

In the wake of a series of bombings and cyberattacks in Stockholm, SÄPO is struggling to find those responsible when Carl Hamilton returns home to rejoin special unit OP5 after several years in the US.

However, he is identified as a possible suspect by SÄPO agent Kristin Ek (Nina Zanjani) who is determined not to let him out of her sight. Chased by his past, Hamilton is suspected not only of terrorism but also of being a double agent for the CIA.

As Hamilton and Ek’s search for the perpetrators crosses international borders, they discover that unexpected interests behind the attacks – an organisation that exploits fake news, xenophobia and terrorism. This is the new Cold War…

Joining Jakob Oftebro and Nina Zanjani in the star studded cast are Katia Winter, Krister Henriksson, Thomas Hanzon, Jörgen Thorsson, Suzanne Reuter, Peter Andersson and Annika Hallin.

Written by Petter S Rosenlund (The Heavy Water War) and directed by Erik Leijonborg, Hamilton (aka Agent Hamilton) premieres New Year’s Day 2020 on C More and will air later in January on TV4.