Hanna Ardéhn Leads Viaplay Original Live Life

Viaplay has announced Live Life (Leva Life), an eight-part drama starring Kristallen winner Hanna Ardéhn (Quicksand), Tina Pour Davoy (Eagles) and Doreen Ndagire (Comedy Queen) about three friends who take a transformative journey together when faced with devastating news.

A tumour the size of a handball is discovered in the stomach of 24-year-old Nora (Hanna Ardéhn). It is big, but her plans and dreams are bigger. Refusing to give up hope, Nora continues her journalism career and begins a double life in which she juggles celebrity events with exhausting chemotherapy sessions and the constant fear of death. Together with her friends Alina and Doris, she is ready to live life.

Making her directorial debut with Live Life, actress Susanne Thorson (Alex) is also the co-creator of the show which was inspired by a Cancer Foundation clip featuring Lovisa Ström who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 21 years of age.

Susanne Thorson said: “I was incredibly taken by Lovisa’s clip so I contacted her and told her about my thoughts. Above all, it was the hopefulness and the way she and those closest to her handled this dark situation that captured me and, when we talked, Live Life was born. We both want to tell a story about cancer but which is not just about disease. But also about hope, friendship and about actually celebrating the moments in life we ​​get.”

Hanna Ardéhn added: “I’m so grateful to be part of telling this story. The way that the proximity of death makes every moment so precious really moved me. How all the relationships we have become so important and valuable to get through the darkness. This role will be both a physical and mental challenge, and I’m happy to have such a fantastic team around me.”

Live Life is currently filming in Stockholm and slated to premiere on Viaplay across the Nordic region in 2023.