Hans Rosenfeldt’s UK Noir Marcella To Debut April 4th

ITV have announced that UK noir thriller Marcella by Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of The Bridge, will premiere at 9pm on Monday 4th April.

Ten years ago Marcella (Anna Friel) gave up her fast-track police career to marry and devote her life to her family, so she is shocked to the core when her husband Jason (Nicholas Pinnock) leaves her.

With the abrupt end to her marriage and isolated from her 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son, Marcella returns to the Met’s Murder Squad and throws herself into work to stop herself from falling apart.

By coincidence there has been a spate of killings similar to a series of unsolved murders from over a decade ago. Marcella is immediately assigned to the case and must find out if the killer has resurfaced or if a copycat is responsible.

An extended preview can be found here.