Hassel Transforms Stockholm Metro Into Art Exhibition

Stills and artwork for Viaplay ten-part thriller Hassel, starring Ola Rapace as iconic Swedish police investigator Roland Hassel, have been turned into an art exhibition by Jocke Jonasson at the Odenplan metro station in Stockholm.

In the series, Roland Hassel’s boss and mentor, Yngve Ruda, is brutally murdered in the street. Consumed by grief and rage, Hassel gathers together his closest allies from the Triton police unit to find Ruda’s killer and avenge his death.

But the deeper Hassel investigates into Ruda’s past, the more secrets surface about the man he thought he knew. Clues lead to the corridors of power in both Stockholm and Brussels, involving Hassel’s own colleagues and high-ranking politicians, leaving him wondering who can he trust.

Jocke Jonasson says: “The idea of ​​the campaign came from talking with (director) Amir Chamdin. A conversation about music and lyrics from the era made me think of the underground environment and thus the subway.”

“I called Clear Channel who liked the idea and then presented my sketches to Viaplay. Around 50 sketches resulted in the 12 pieces at Odenplan.”

PR & Communications Manager for Clear Channel, Sofie Brange said: “For us, this is truly a unique opportunity where the location – the subway – and the creative design of the advertising really reinforce each other.”

Hassel, based loosely on the books by Olov Svedelid, premiered September 8th on Viaplay across the Nordic region and will air on TV3 later this autumn.