Heartbreak Hotel Sequel A Road Trip To Graceland

Aftonbladet reports that director Colin Nutley is set to reunite Helena Bergström and Maria Lundqvist in a road trip sequel to the 2006 dramedy Heartbreak Hotel, entitled Walking In Memphis.

In Heartbreak Hotel, divorced Elisabeth and widowed Grudren, both over 40, meet when Elisabeth parks her car in a loading bay and is ticketed by Gudrun.

But, as their friendship blossoms, outgoing gynaecologist Elisabeth guides shy parking attendant Gudrun through the dangerous waters of single life.

Colin Nutley told Aftonbladet: “Over the years, I have met many people who say they would like to know more about these women, and what happened to them.”

“When we took snapshots of Maria and Helena together during the filming of Medicinen, my thoughts turned towards doing something new with these two characters.”

“Since neither of them have been to the United States before, they are curious about the country, so it’s also a kind of road movie… And as these adventurous 50+ women travel through the United States, of course lots of things happen…”

Filming for Walking In Memphis begins in Sweden and the USA in spring 2018.