Heartless & The Bridge Alumni Set For War Movie

Fridthjof Film has announced that Sebastian Jessen (Heartless) and Thure Lindhardt (The Bridge) will star in the forthcoming World War I movie Krig & Kærlighed (War & Love), an epic tale written and directed by Kasper Torsting.

Esben (Sebastian Jessen) fakes his own death to escape from the war and be reunited with his beloved wife Kirstine (Rosalinde Mynster) and their son Karl. But after three years apart, everything has changed…

A charming German officer (Thure Lindhardt) has taken his place as head of the family and won Kirstine’s heart. Hiding in his own loft, Esben watches this nightmare unfold and must find a way to save his family whilst remaining free.

Kasper Torsting says: “Krig & Kærlighed is an epic and brutal love story that asks the question: how far are you willing to go to save your life, your marriage and your honour? And how far can the relationship between two who love each other really stretch?”

“Epic Realism describes the ambition of this great story, which is firmly rooted in intimacy and authenticity. That balance feels right for a story about someone who is torn between his traditional beliefs and the harsh reality of modern life.”

Filming for Krig & Kærlighed begins February in Sønderborg, where it will premiere on November 11th 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of World War I.