Honour | Heder – Season 1


Heder represents teenage rape victim Isabel, but the defendant is acquitted in court. To gather evidence for the appeal, Heder meets with journalist CA who is on the trail of a sex ring.

Heder, which in principle represents only victims of crime, faces a difficult choice now that Isabel has become a perpetrator. Nour is assaulted by an unknown person who leaves a banknote.

The threat still hangs over the lawyers, and they realize that everything can be traced back to their secret. Janni is worried that her DNA may be found at CA’s place, and the women suspect that the sex ring is using an app.

Heder tries to investigate the Neat app when it suddenly disappears. Therefore they must be looking for someone else in the sex ring. The women find out how their secret was leaked.

It is more difficult than expected to find out who is threatening the lawyers. Meanwhile, they find out more about CA’s murder and Isabel’s role in it, but the more they find out, the more questions they have.

The people behind Neat feel under pressure from the lawyers and begin to threaten murder. The women find connections that they did not know about before and continue their pursuit of justice and the truth.

Janni and Elin realise that Neat knows what they have done and fear for the safety of themselves and their families. The person who knows the women’s secret confronts Nour before a television appearance.

The office is attacked with tear gas, and Heder realise that they have a traitor amongst them. They were forced to make a drastic decision in 1991, resulting in devastating consequences.