Honour | Heder – Season 2


After exposing the men behind the prostitution app Neat, the four lawyers from Heder are rewarded with even more hate and threatening messages. Nevertheless, they continue to fight for justice for vulnerable women.

Nour doubts the suspect in Marta’s case and Janni gets a new client, Bea. As usual, Janni becomes personally involved in the case and soon begins to cross the line.

Karin plans to free herself by buying out Heder from the family business. At the same time, another woman is raped and when they analyse the cases more closely, they realise that the victims have something in common.

Sandra has moved in with Nour and their relationship is strained to say the least. Meanwhile, the serial rapist that they are looking for comes even closer to Heder – far too close.

Everyone gathers in concern for Karin at the hospital. At the same time, Nour gets a picture of Sandra together with someone that Nour is not comfortable with. Elin continues to be drawn to Leo.

To uncover the truth, they may now have to put Elin in danger. Meanwhile, Karin receives some documents that reveal why Birgitta holds on to Heder so tightly.

A conviction against the perpetrator feels incredibly far away. Matteo finds surveillance footage from the subway attack on Janni and they are all shocked when they realise who the perpetrator is

Heder and all the victims hold their breath when the verdict is announced. There are so many women who will never feel safe again if the perpetrator goes free. But whose life is worth the most?